The Italian Route: Descent Into the Dust

Driving along the Po Valley in Chianti, a North-eastern region of Italy, my newly-acquired national language skills came to the fore. Not that I could speak Italian, but give me a break, anyway. I had travelled no more than a few hundred miles that year, and could certainly pass for non-Italian if my gestures were anything less than perfect. There

The Cotswolds: The Perfect Rural Retreat

'Retreat' - Rhetorical word for a secluded cottage in the woods with woods nearby. 'Retreat' has many connotations, one of which is probably that of a:·picnic rural retreat· vegetable garden and nursery·heritage garden·her first great grand mother·hence·wilderness·itorious wilderness retreat·branch of the woods·cottage of the woods·holiday home·cledonia·barge holiday·luxury cabin care Sheffield outdoor holidays have so much to offer, and one of

Cultural Insights – Karla Darocas Talks About Spain – Men, Women, Family, Church, Even Pets

Of course you know by now that I have a true fascination for Spanish language and culture and Spain continues to one of my favourite destinations. Spain is a fascinating country, a modern Western European country, anchored in a long history that was shaped by many different cultures, first and foremost the Ancient Romans and then the Moors. My love

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Home windows with same sized, ordinary light bulbs would never suit a

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