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Drive Smart

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2. Drive slower. Most cars, pickups, vans, and sport utility trailers have the same gas mileage. Eliminate the waste of time by driving slowly around the block.

3. Do less driving—travel light. Traveling with a heavy load that is on your back is less energy efficient than carrying that load on your shoulders.

4. Don’t park in the hottest places. While a flight or a cruise aims for the warmest part of the day, spend your entire trip parked because it’s inefficient and can take away a lot of a trip’s worth of savings.

5. Make outside trips during slower times of the day. The temperature is lower, so you’re not using as much electricity.

Travel when others don’t. Many people will travel to Byron and Hood when others don’t.

 6. Take breaks. There are surprisingly many places to eat fast food and take a break – think about going to a restaurant at lunch hour when most people are finishing a meal or watching a ball drop in the evening.


7. Use public transportation. Don’t be a accessory. Don’t take a peak at the coach every few stops. Get down every now and then and try a different Coach pick up and drop off location. Compare trip-rates, and consider taking a Coach twice as often as a flight or cruise.